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Daniela Castillo DVM, MS

Daniela Castillo is a Mexican veterinarian born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, who is deeply passionate about animal rights, wildlife conservation, and environmentalism.

Her childhood dream was always to lend a helping hand to animals. At the age of 15, she became a pesco-vegetarian, informing her parents that she no longer wished to consume her future patients.

As the valedictorian of her class, she earned her Veterinary Medicine degree from Universidad Veracruzana, a school with a focus on production farming, in 2008. Initially drawn to specializing in zoo medicine, she completed a one-year internship at a government-funded zoo in Veracruz City. Witnessing the reality of zoo animals broke her heart, prompting her to take a break from veterinary medicine and pursue an environmental degree.

Daniela was awarded a full scholarship from the Mexican government to pursue a Master's degree in Wildlife Conservation at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. During this time, she not only discovered her passion for wildlife but also realized the ethical and critical environmental reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle, which she did in December 2010.

In March 2011, Daniela began volunteering at St. Francis Wildlife Association, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Quincy, Florida. Her dedication and academic qualifications led her to become the Director and licensed wildlife rehabilitator in charge for nine months.

Recognizing that she could better serve wildlife and other animals by practicing veterinary medicine in the United States, Daniela embarked on a journey that lasted almost four years, working as a veterinary technician. In April 2016, she achieved her dream of becoming a Licensed Veterinarian in the State of California.

During her initial year and a half of practice, Daniela worked in both an emergency hospital and a corporate private general practice hospital. However, her path took a turn when she discovered the field of shelter medicine, realizing its significance in addressing dog and cat overpopulation.

Currently, she dedicates her efforts to performing High-Quality High-Volume Spay and Neuter surgeries and practicing shelter medicine for several non-profit organizations. In addition, she has gained valuable experience working with sanctuary farm animals through her involvement with a couple of farm animal sanctuaries in the San Fernando Valley.

Dr. Castillo envisions a world where all animals are free from pain, slavery, and unnecessary suffering. She works tirelessly to create a future where veterinarians are at the forefront of defending these fundamental rights for animals.

Beyond her current work in HQHVSN surgeries and shelter medicine, Dr. Castillo is on the verge of realizing another significant endeavor. She has launched a Veterinary Surgery Truck service, dedicated to performing spay, neuter, and soft tissue surgeries to benefit shelter animals, rescued animals, farm sanctuary residents, and wildlife. This innovative service reflects her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of animals through her expertise and compassionate care.

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