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Every animal that comes in for a special surgery intact, has to be sterilized no exceptions. 


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Our main priority is the well being of all animals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the medical needs of the animals we care for.


We strive to be an option for farmed animals in sanctuaries who usually would not receive individualized and compassionate veterinary care. 

With our profit, we provide resources for starting a wildlife rehabilitation in Oaxaca, support efforts in sterilization campaigns, and promote veganism in the veterinary community and worldwide.

Our vision 

We envision a world where the rehabilitation of wild animals, the sterilization and welfare of dogs and cats; and the benefits of veganism are well known and supported by all citizens. 


IMPORTANT: If your companion animal is having an emergency please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not currently accepting LA CITY SPAY/NEUTER COUPONS OR VOUCHERS.

Our clinic does accept LA COUNTY VOUCHERS at this time. To request a voucher, please visit: ANIMALCARE.LACOUNTY.GOV

Sam & Andrea, Kitty Cat

“Every interaction with Daniela was not only a successful treatment because she did her utmost and most sincere professional best, every interaction with Daniela was a purely positive one because in addition to her outstanding and top notch skills as a veterinarian, she is genuinely a pleasant, warm and wonderful person who truly cares about animals. Every appointment with Daniela is one where she went above and beyond to do her best for Nova (our cat) and for us. I count my lucky stars everyday for the good fortune of Daniela Castillo!!"

Heather, Pitties

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Castillo! One of our rescue pups was having ear issues, so we scheduled a house call since this dog was known for being terrified of doctors. It became quickly apparent that "Reina" would need full anesthesia for the exam and treatment, which was performed in the comfort of our own home. Dr. Castillo also took care of a different dog, a rescue pit bull that I was helping to get adopted. "Hope" was spayed, vaxxed & microchipped in the mobile surgical van. She recovered SO fast, the incision was so small! Dr. Castillo did a phenomenal job with BOTH dogs. She is knowledgable, kind, compassionate and she genuinely cares for her patients."

Jaci, Border Collie Mix

“I'm so thankful for the team who took care of Watson during his dental and mass removal surgery. We went to the Pet Care LB location for walk-ins and it was nice to have a place to sit inside while his surgery was being done. Daniela followed up often to be sure he was healing well and always so helpful. You can tell the team really loves what they're doing and take extra care of every patient."
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